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Who are Innovate

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Who are Innovate

Innovate is a Cloud Services provider which specialises in high quality cloud platforms and infrastructure services to customers in multiple vertical sectors. 

Innovate focus on service quality, stability and security right from the start.  We have deliberately built a high performance platform utilising the best cloud providers, hardware, networking and operating software.  We have also designed and built our own management suite in order to monitor and control all cloud platforms which provides total peace of mind.

It is because of this approach that we have performance, stability and “up-time” figures well in excess of our big name competitors.  Added to this is our industry leading security protection, which gives a level of security many times higher than on the average work PC or laptop.  For us, our customer’s data protection is paramount for our business reputation, so we work very hard to ensure data integrity.

Innovate has a global network of Data Centres with 6 UK locations, two each in Manchester and London and one each in Newbury and Jersey.  We also now have EU located facilities in Frankfurt, Germany as well as two recently opened APAC Data Centres in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia. We are now also looking into locations in the USA.

Up until recently, we have been focusing on the re-seller channel to market.  However, due to our success in building and maintaining direct customer relationships, we have decided to change our strategy to targeting end-users.  It is for this purpose that we have launched ‘Continuous’.

 Strategic Analysis

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Delivery and Enablement

The Future of Business IT Infrastructure

Our Vision : Innovation for Freedom

We are at the heart of the data revolution which is opening the doors to wide new possibilities for applications and technology.  We believe each person must be allowed to keep control of his or her own data, so each can innovate and do business as desired.  Our vision is to empower people with the freedom to achieve their ambition.

Our Mission : Open to Power your Data

The role of technology is to work for us.  In a world where data is at the heart of all aspects of our private, cultural, social and professional lives, we power our customers’ ideas and imagination.  We believe in innovation when it is disruptive and provides freedom for all; and in being where the growth is, enabling people and businesses to thrive.  After all, it is our heritage to think differently, to do differently, and to disrupt the status quo.

Our History

Throughout our history we have continued to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, connecting them to opportunities and helping them to thrive.

Our Values 

Our values are central to achieving our goals. We believe that how we do business is as important as what we do. Our values define who we are as an organisation and what makes us different. We strive for our employees to feel empowered to do business in the right way, in a responsible way.

These values reflect the best aspects of our heritage and remain key to our long-term success. Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of? Learn more about our career opportunities.