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How Cloud Are You?

Where are you in your Cloud Journey?

Stage 2: Ready to Jump

Well done, you have already taken a number of important steps in your Cloud Journey.

Your IT infrastructure most likely consists of a network of PC’s and laptops with a system server located in your primary office.  You may also have some form of VPN so as to allow remote access for your team into your corporate systems.

You are increasingly making use of new business tools that are available on-line such as a CRM or marketing automation platforms.  These are referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and they are all served from the cloud.

So What Does it all Mean?

But you are also coming increasingly under pressure from your applications’ suppliers to migrate to their latest cloud based products.  Microsoft are pushing you to Microsoft365 and Azure, whilst Sage wants you to migrate to their Business Cloud.  Although these solutions are excellent, they can sometimes trap you in their proprietary cloud platforms by making outward migration difficult, reducing the flexibility of your infrastructure and thus your business.  They can also tie you into inflexible and often unclear pricing agreements.  It is wise to have another option up your sleeve.

Similarly having your servers and systems located on-premises, whilst handy for maintenance, will cause problems if your head office is flooded or your internet connection is severed.  Any malicious or ransomware attacks will affect your entire system, potentially shutting your business down for a considerable time.  Utilising a professional cloud backup solution, like our Continuous Backup, will mitigate this threat by hosting your business critical data in a separate cloud location, keeping it securely protected and ready to ensuring your business will be back up and trading again, rapidly.

To help you with your cloud journey, you need a trusted IT partner who can help you navigate the plethora of cloud options available and provide you with alternative arrangements as well as the reassurance of deep cloud knowledge.  Innovate owns its own cloud infrastructure rather than re-selling capacity from other, larger suppliers.  This makes our systems fast, flexible and highly stable.  It is on this high performance platform that we have built our range of Continuous cloud services.  These include our Continuous Backup and disaster recovery solutions, Continuous Infrastructure as a Service for your rapidly developing ERP and e-commerce presence, to our Continuous Workspace, a fully hosted Windows environment which can be accessed, with the proper security protocols, from almost any internet connected device, anywhere in the world.

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Continuous Backup

To ensure the total continuity of your data and business

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