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How Cloud Are You?

Where are you in your Cloud Journey?

Stage 4: In the thick of The Cloud

Bursting through the cloud-base, you are now in the thick of the cloud and utilising its services quite freely across your organisation.  But you feel that you are not quite gaining its full potential.  So what is holding you back?

You will have already migrated a lot of your applications into the cloud including all your ERP systems productivity software and databases, previously held in your on-premises servers.  You may also be using the public cloud platforms from AWS or Microsoft Azure and may also have implemented some of the cloud tools provided as add-ons to the package such as back-up or security.

However, have you checked these products for your correct levels of security compliance?  If you have then you may have retained some of your more specialist or business critical applications and data in-house server.  This may be due to the regulatory requirement of your sector or maybe even your uncertainty about perceived security risks from hosting your data and systems in the cloud.

So What Does it all Mean?

The larger providers will provide higher security protocols but there is often an extra cost for these.  There is no denying that security is one of the biggest concerns holding companies back from full cloud migration.  Indeed, the question we are most often asked is: “is the Innovate Cloud Platform secure?” The simple answer is ‘YES!’  In fact our security protocols and compliances are many times more stringent than those used in most standard on-premises business servers and networks.  It is vital for our company reputation that we continue to keep our customers data and applications secure within our environment.  Quite literally: “your data security is our reputation”.

But there are other benefits that the cloud can offer for data security and integrity.  The best cloud platforms, like ours, are built on multi-point data-centres, based in multiple locations.  This means that, should anything happen in one data centre, the work it does and the data it stores will be instantaneously picked up and mirrored by one of the other centres.  Innovate has data centres in multiple locations throughout the world including the UK, Europe and APAC.

Innovate owns all of its own cloud infrastructure and can provide a globally accessible Windows platform for all the popular business applications through its cloud hosted Continuous Workspace service.  It also provides multiple Cloud tools from its Continuous range including Continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery and Continuous Infrastructure as a Service.  These are guaranteed secure and are built on one of the most stable platforms in the business; all with performance figures way in excess of the big name technology companies.

To help you with your journey, we are offering a ‘no obligation’ FREE three month trial of any of our Continuous services.

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