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How Cloud Are You?

Where are you in your Cloud Journey?

Stage 1: Feet on the Ground – But Looking up at the Cloud!

You are at the beginning of your Cloud Journey.  This is an exciting time as the cloud has much to offer the growing business!

You may have a single Laptop or a network of PC’s with an on-premises file server of some sort. Your system will run well known business software such as Microsoft Office and Sage as well as maybe your specialised order and business management system.

However, you may be more ‘Cloud’ than you think!

Your web site may be run from a content management system like WordPress or Wix.  You might also be making use of cloud/web based services like Dropbox or OneDrive in order to share files with your team.  All of these services are cloud based and the big technology names are changing all their products to this new environment, like Microsoft365 or Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

So What Does it all Mean?

This means that it is inevitable that your IT infrastructure will become more and more cloud based as your company grows.  Your cloud journey need not be complicated or require a team of highly skilled technical staff, but it will help to have a trusted technology partner to assist you as you grow.

As a first step in your cloud journey, there is no better starting point than the security and continuity of your business.  We all know how important it is to back up your data and guard it against natural disasters, power surges, service outages and malicious hacks.  A cloud based backup service, linked with a proper disaster recovery plan, will guarantee your business continuity by storing your business critical data and systems off site and protecting them against unwanted intrusion. Should anything happen, a system restore from the cloud can be quickly put in place, minimising the disruption to your business and getting you back up and trading again in the shortest possible time.

Innovate has a good number of long term customers, both small and large, who trust us with their backup and cloud storage requirements.  But the cloud is not just about storage, there is much more benefit it can bring.  Innovate offers multiple solutions through its Continuous range of services such as Continuous Workspace, a fully hosted Windows environment which can be accessed from almost any internet connected device.

To help you with your journey, we are offering a ‘no obligation’ FREE three month trial of any of our Continuous services.

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Continuous Backup

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