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How Cloud Are You?

Where are you in your Cloud Journey?

Stage 5: Expert flyer – Soaring over The Cloud

Yes!  You are a Cloud Master! 

You know how good the cloud is and you are already gaining from all the cost, efficiency and flexibility benefits that cloud services can give you.

You now have all you data, applications, infrastructure etc, hosted in the cloud. All your updates on your main business applications, ERPs, ecommerce platforms and marketing tools will be undertaken by your cloud provider.  You will also have moved to a full dumb terminal office infrastructure provision, which will allow hot-desking remote access and working from home without the need for complex VPN infrastructure.

Many of your applications will be served from SaaS suppliers such as Microsoft 365, Sage Business Cloud, SAP/Navision etc.  Specialist applications such as CAD, GIS etc, can be easily hosted in your cloud environment.  A true cloud model.

So What Does it all Mean?

You will be enjoying the benefits of flexibility, scalability and cost control that true cloud environments can bring.  Gone are your costly on-premises servers with their need for space, energy and environmental control.  All of this has now been handed to your cloud providers for them to worry about.  Gone too are all the concerns about updating your Operating Systems and business applications as again your cloud services provider can take care of this. 

Or will they?

Many of the larger brands will only provide cloud platform capacity and compute power.  The rest is down to you, your IT team or your IT Services provider.  If you want any of the extra services you will need to pay extra for them and understanding their costing models can be a challenge in itself.

Innovate is a true cloud services provider with nearly 20 years’ experience of helping companies like yours switch on the power of the cloud.  But we will go beyond simply providing a cloud platform.  We will also monitor your systems to ensure that they are operating at peak performance, we will make sure your applications are the very latest versions and update them as soon as new versions are available.  We also have a huge amount of experience in consultation and migrating cloud environments, so if you are thinking of migrating to a new cloud provider, then you need to be talking to us.

In short, we can provide you with a complete service.  Where the big names will sell their space through another distributor, we do everything for you.  Our Service Team are real humans, not chat bots or web forms.  In short, whatever your cloud infrastructure needs, we can help you.

To help you with your journey, we are offering a ‘no obligation’ FREE three month trial of any of our Continuous services.

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