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Security, Stability, and Performance For Your Business.

Based in the Silicon South, Bournemouth, we provide businesses across the UK with high quality cloud platforms and infrastructure. Using the latest networking and operating software we deliver security, stability, and performance that rivals our big-name competitors!

Make technology work for you and your business!

We don’t just help businesses build cloud-based infrastructure.

We are architects of real, and continuous, business change.

With our support, our customers become agile, and are able to continually innovate, becoming masters of their own space.

Our cloud solutions are shaped around the needs of your business, creating stronger, faster, better systems that bring out the best in your organisation.

The INNOVATE Difference

Cloud Migration

Move your data to the cloud and benefit from 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection! On the road for a business meeting, or want to get away for a few days, but still need to put in some screen time, we can provide you with secure and reliable access to your files and data!

Cloud Infrastructure

The right technology, tailor built for your company! Our team of expert engineers design and build infrastructure from the ground up to ensure it is optimised for your business’s needs.

Choosing Infrastructure as a Service means you benefit from always up-to-date technology at a fraction of the price!

Cloud Consultants

Your data, where you need it, when you need it.

It’s a simple, yet powerful idea. Our expert Cloud Consultants are on hand to ensure that you’re able to reach the data you need when you need it – regardless of your physical location.

Your Trusted Partner

With service levels that would make our biggest competitors blush, there is little wonder more and more businesses are trusting Innovate to deliver their IT Infrastructure.