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Cloud & IT Services

Move Your Business To The Cloud

Security, Stability, and Performance For Your Business.

Based in the Silicon South, Bournemouth, we provide businesses across the UK with high quality cloud platforms and infrastructure. Using the latest networking and operating software we deliver security, stability, and performance that rivals our big-name competitors!

Cost Effective IT Services

We keep your IT running 24 / 7, 365 days a year!

You can have your files, your applications and your desktop accessible from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world!

With a focus on you, our customer, we offer a proactive, affordable service to businesses of all sizes.

Speak To A Human In The UK

With a fully UK team and no robots before you get through to a real person, you’ll be able to speak through your needs and ensure you get the best solution available to you.

This goes for when you have an issue too! We’re real people and we don’t farm you off to an overseas call-centre!

Complete the form below to learn more! One of our friendly Cloud IT specialists will be touch to support your business…

The INNOVATE Difference

Remote Access

In the current climate you need to be sure you and your team can access your data from anywhere – be it at home, in the office, or out-and-about!

With our revolutionary cloud based IT infrastructure you and your team will be able to access your data and applications wherever you need them!

Easy Cloud IT

Not everyone is as techie as us – we understand this and break down all of our advice into simple language so even the most technically-challenged staff members can thrive in the cloud!

When you do run into an issue, we have a team of experienced IT engineers who can normally fix any issue remotely, but when needed will perform a site visit to get you up and running again.

Tailored For Your Business

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them perform better. We look at IT infrastructure across the business to find the areas where improvements can be made and then help you make them!

By focusing on your business and its needs we’re able to provide exceptional levels of customer service which make our big-named competitors blush!

Your Trusted Partner

With service levels that would make our biggest competitors blush, there is little wonder more and more businesses are trusting Innovate to deliver their IT Infrastructure.