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Continuous Workspace

Your Desktop in the Cloud

Continuous Workspace

Imagine being able to log into your work desktop from any PC, laptop, tablet or terminal, wherever you are in the world, and Imagine all your applications, files and data are exactly where you expect to find them.

Continuous Workspace is a virtual Windows® desktop, served from the Continuous Cloud. Being resident on the cloud means that it can be accessed from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. It also means that your desktop looks, feels and behaves exactly the same as a PC resident Windows® desktop in your head office. All your applications, files and data are in the same location and folders as always, ready for you to access and work on. But on top of this, Continuous Workspace also provides a number of other significant benefits:

 Strategic Analysis

Design and Scoping

Delivery and Enablement

The Future of Business IT Infrastructure

  • Scale 100% 100%
  • Flexibility 100% 100%
  • Efficeincy 100% 100%

Continuous Workspace represents the future of business IT infrastructure. It provides everything needed to migrate your business to the cloud.

Continuous Workspace is unlike that of any other cloud provider. We have created a true Cloud VDI environment that will be individually tailored for your requirements and will grow with your business.

Ready to migrate?

Ready to migrate your hosted environment, but not sure how to start?No need to worry. Our experienced team can help migrate your servers, databases, applications, and e-mail amongst cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments.Just get in touch!

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What is Continuous

Continuous is a new service for building, hosting and managing business services and applications on the cloud. Continuous is dedicated to helping organisations like yours benefit from the power of the Cloud by making them more agile, connected and efficient. Continuous Workspace is our boutique Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service and will provide a truly customisable, flexible and scalable IT solution for your organisation.

What Makes Continuous The Best?

Continuous is the cloud services brand of Innovate Ltd, the UK’s leading cloud consultant and providers of high-performance cloud infrastructure. To ensure high quality of service, we own and manage our own data centres, rather than re-selling space from other providers. In this way we retain control of our hardware and management systems, which means we can react faster to advances in technology and changes in customer needs.

Want to Know More?

We’ve helped many of the UK’s biggest brands transform their business IT Infrastructure, reduce costs, streamline processes and introduce revolutionary new services with cloud computing.

If you are thinking of bringing the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of the cloud into your organisation, then we have the infrastructure, knowledge and services to make your migration fast, secure and stress free. If you want to find out more, visit our web site or contact us at the address below. Alternatively we can offer you our Continuous Cloud Audit which is a free, no-obligation review of your existing and future infrastructure. We will show you how you can improve efficiency and save costs by migrating to the Continuous Cloud.