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Time is the most precious commodity for directors and staff of growing companies.  Business Leaders are always on the look-out for new opportunities and ideas that will bring value by improving efficiency, savings costs and releasing more time to focus on building the business.

Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud is now widely recognised as the next important business improvement opportunity.  But why exactly is this?  What is it about The Cloud that makes it the new vital business development?

Well, here is why:

  • Less time spent managing infrastructure

Overall, migrating to a cloud platform removes the need for companies to invest in, manage, house, run and maintain costly on-premises IT infrastructure.  Instead a cloud services supplier will migrate your business critical applications and data to a new, secure environment, hosted in the cloud. This frees up footprint, resources and capital.  It also takes away the time burden of managing IT infrastructure within your company.

  • Good cloud service providers look after IT security

Because of economies of scale, cloud service providers can implement IT solutions that are often only available to larger organisations.  The best cloud service companies (not necessarily all) will focus on making sure your vital customer data is well protected.  This is key to their business reputation, so they will pay particular attention to ensuring that their platforms are absolutely secure by implementing the highest, most advanced, security protections.  Larger companies, however, tend to just provide the platform and will offer their security services for an additional charge.

  • Cloud service providers look after the Infrastructure

As your applications are now hosted on a cloud environment, you will no longer need to maintain this infrastructure.  Gone are the capital costs and time spent procuring servers and ancillary equipment. Also gone are the energy costs for running the equipment and environment control.

  • Good cloud service providers will maintain your Windows and other business applications

A good cloud services company will also maintain your operating systems and business critical software if you chose to host these on their platform.  Because your software is managed in their cloud, they undertake all the updating and upgrades to your operating system, like Windows, as well as your general productivity tools and ERP systems.  This means no more forgotten-about copies of Windows 7 running somewhere on your network, causing a potential security threat.

  • Instant and easy scalability

With a cloud platform, you can increase or decrease your storage and computational resources simply and quickly, usually at the click of a mouse.  You will not need to go through the long procurement processes required to buy new servers or upgrade your existing equipment.  This scalability is a powerful tool for any growing company but it can also work the opposite way, by quickly reducing these resources if they are no-longer needed.

  • Good cloud service providers will do all the migration heavy lifting

A good cloud services company, like Innovate, will do all the migration heavy lifting for you.  They will ensure that your new platform is exactly right for your needs and will ensure a safe and secure transfer of your digital assets to the cloud.  Innovate has many years’ experience in Cloud Migrations and is an expert cloud consultant. We can offer you a seamless, stress-free cloud migration service and will guarantee that your data and applications will be securely migrated to your new cloud environment, and arrive intact.

  • The Cloud is the future

There is no denying that the cloud is the future.  All of the big names in technology have shifted their products and services into a cloud environment.  There is the risk that companies not migrating could be left behind as a result.

All of these elements can combine to provide significant business advantage to your company as well as reducing the amount of time and money you spend managing in-house infrastructure.  It is also clear that migrating to the cloud will release assets and team members, so they can concentrate on the more strategic task of building up your business. 

If you want more time, we will be delighted to share some of ours with you, to tell you how Innovate can migrate you to the perfect cloud for your needs.

Who are Innovate and how can we help.

Innovate is a leading UK cloud services company, which provides a high quality cloud platform, cloud hosted services and infrastructure consultancy to customers in multiple vertical sectors.  We have over 17 years’ experience in helping companies like yours with IT infrastructure and solutions and can help you with all of the lessons highlighted in this paper.

Because Innovate owns, manages and develops its own cloud infrastructure, rather than re-selling space from other providers, we have been able to focus on stability, security and service quality; right from the start.  We have deliberately built a high performance platform utilising the best in hardware, networking and operating software.  We have also designed and built our own management suite in order to monitor and control your systems and services, to make sure they are always performing at their best.

The Innovate cloud platform has taken remote access to the next level of technology.  All through the lockdown, we have been providing secure, seamless remote access for all our customers, allowing their teams to carry on working whilst isolated at home. This has allowed our customers to concentrate on keeping their businesses running during this difficult time.

There are many benefits to migrating your IT infrastructure into the cloud, both in terms of cost saving and operational efficiency.  We have helped many of the UK’s biggest brands transform their business IT Infrastructure, reduce costs, streamline processes and introduce revolutionary new services with cloud computing. We would very much like to help you switch on the power of the cloud and make your company more streamlined, efficient and connected.  If you are thinking of bringing the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of the cloud into your organisation, then you need to be talking to Innovate.

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