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Remote access to a corporate network, usually via a VPN (Virtual Private Network), has become the norm in most modern business IT infrastructure.  It allows remote workers, such as sales teams or on-site engineers, easy access to the business’ information and applications that they need to do their job.  It has also allowed the rise in working remotely, often from home, which in turn helps with recruitment of the right people without their needing to relocate.

When employees are provided with remote access, they are freed from having to be in one specific location during working hours which aids flexible working.  It has been widely reported that allowing employees to work remotely boosts their productivity, reduces stress and improves their engagement at work.

Remote Access Through The Cloud

The wider adoption of the Cloud as the modern environment for business infrastructure has taken remote access technology to the next level.  Now, all files and applications for the whole organisation are served from the cloud and with the proper security protocols in place, they can be accessed from any computer with a link to the internet.

If the company has a ‘Workspace’ or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in place, then windows and other software will also be served from the cloud, giving the same desktop appearance as your office based work-station with the same applications, file and folder locations and the same communication tools.  This can be mirrored on any PC, Laptop, Tablet, Terminal or Smartphone in any location with an internet connection.

Remote Access from Innovate

Cloud Services from Innovate will bring all the benefits of remote working flexibility to your team, whilst at the same time providing our industry leading platform stability, high levels of security and rapid access to your system.  Innovate markets a range of cloud service modules under its Continuous brand, from secure Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to our fully Cloud hosted Continuous Workspace solution, all available from any location or device that you choose.

But remote access from Innovate also offers more than mere convenience, it also provides a rapid disaster recovery solution.  Should the unthinkable happen and your primary office is closed due to a fire, flood or some unforeseen other disaster, then Continuous lets you move easily to a different location and simply log on to your desktop.  Your data and applications will be available and looking exactly the same, wherever you are in the world, and your team will be up and running again in the shortest possible time.

And added to that, as all your applications and data are hosted on our Cloud environment, all software updates, licences and maintenance are managed by us as part of the service.

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