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Continuous Improvements to our Infrastructure

Back in September we sent you an email, telling you about some of the Cloud Platform Improvements we have been making to our existing data centres, including updates in hardware and technology.  We also announced the ‘bringing-on-line’ of our all-new Manchester Data Centre in a different geographic location.  All these elements are now operating successfully and the updates are providing new elements of service, stability and security for all our customers.

But the work did not end there!  Over the last few months we have continued this programme of behind the scenes updates to our platform with some more innovative upgrades.  These include:

  • New Virtual Machine Hosts to keep pace with the new operating and hardware systems
  • Upgrading Citrix to the newest version and moving over to Hyper-V, which gives us greater flexibility and visibility

But it doesn’t stop there!  For the New Year we are also planning to:

  • Develop an App to help the support desk and decrease the amount of time we need to spend on users’ desktops.
  • We have updated to a new version of Sunrise, our ticketing system, and are looking into developing and launching a new Customer Portal so you can report issues, raise tickets and monitor the progress of your tickets.

Our plans for 2020 are to keep working on and developing our infrastructure so as to ensure that our cloud platform remains at the forefront of technology and continues to perform at a significantly higher level to that of our competitors and that we continuously delight you with our service.

We are also looking at potential new global locations for our Data Centre network, find out more here. We will of course continue to let you know about our improvements to services whenever we have more news to give you.  But please give us a call or email us if you would like to discuss how these improvements can help you; we will be delighted to have a chat.