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You never truly appreciate how important disaster recovery is until the second you need it the most.

Should your in-house data be compromised, time is truly of the essence. We know that company downtime is devastating and to be avoided at all costs. In fact, companies which don’t resume normal operations within 10 days of a data loss incident will likely not survive*. Almost every business will have their files backed up in some manner, be it an external hard drive or their own server; however, it all amounts to nothing if the system doesn’t work effectively when a crisis hits, or you fail to predict how long the process will take. With a lack of adequate testing, you can’t depend on your disaster recovery plan to cover all instances; let alone specify a length of time to complete the process. Similarly, any data backup which relies on internal systems can be railroaded if the entire internal network is corrupted.

When you use an external cloud backup service your data is continuously prepared for recovery…

… and you won’t be waiting anywhere near 10 days to get it back on your desktop. Immune to any data breach that may happen within your own organisation’s infrastructure, Innovate’s ‘Continuous Backup’ solution can rapidly recover your lost files, putting you back in business in minutes, whereas ‘Continuous Disaster Recovery as a Service’ (DRaaS) ensures that your business is always on. As a cloud-based security measure, Continuous DRaaS will copy your backed-up data from secondary storage and restore it; this can either be to the original location, or a new one at your request. The restored solution will mirror your existing desktop, not even your file management will be affected, ensuring continuous productivity.  And all of this is done in minutes, not days!

Innovate’s Continuous DRaaS guarantees 100% uptime.

Can your internal data recovery process say the same? Our replication tools and storage capacity mean that disaster recovery can be fully triggered in just 15 minutes, while adhering to a strict recovery time objective (RTO). No stress, no panic, no problem.

Your peace of mind is fully protected.

Continuously tested to ensure an ever-ready approach, Innovate’s comprehensive reporting suite will provide the proof you need to feel confident in your disaster recovery strategy. With the flexibility to cut traditional disaster recovery costs, the pricing structure of Innovate’s Continuous cloud services require no upfront investment; simply pay per month for the number of desktops which require backup on our cloud platform. Need more capacity one month, then less the next? Don’t worry – you’re not tied in to a specific amount of storage capacity or processing power. Your level of service can expand and contract with your requirements, without hassle or additional fees. In addition, there’s no need to underpin your storage and disaster recovery needs with a team of internal IT support staff. Innovate provide a fully-managed support service, so your data is maintained around the clock, at no extra cost to your business. It’s simply the service you need, the moment you need it.

If you’d like to find out more about Innovate’s Continuous cloud backup and disaster recovery services, contact our experts today.

[* – Strategic Resource Institute]