24/7 Monitoring

Innovate Remote Management offers hosted remote management and monitoring (RMM), antivirus and backup software – built specifically for businesses. Remote Management allows Innovate to manage and monitor servers and workstations, deliver remote support, offer asset/inventory tracking, patch management and client reporting with integrated managed antivirus and backup solutions.

Our Monitor-IT package will benefit any size of business including internal ICT teams. It will allow to ensure your IT infrastructure runs efficiently and safely, while freeing up resource to focus on productivity and more strategic goals. We do this by monitoring your software and hardware, and by automating critical software and security updates. We also provide an early warning of possible ICT problems, so you can deal with impending issues and keep everything running smoothly.

Proactive IT systems monitoring

Innovate provides 24x7x365 monitoring and functional support of critical systems through the our service centre. Using industry-leading software, we are able to monitor key layers of the technology stack, providing alerts to our centre staff when critical thresholds are noted to facilitate proactive resolution.

We are able to monitor and track key network parameters such as network latency and packet loss – identifying the source of congestions in the Internet or private network. Additionally, we monitor specific application level activities through the use of operating system, database and application-specific knowledge modules specific to each application. This allows monitoring of key application processes and parameters and the proactive detection and resolution of issues, often before the client is aware of them.


  • Servers, laptops, workstations, and networks are scanned for problems and anomalies that warn of impending problems, 24 x 7.
  • Backup and data storage monitored for success and critical irregularities.
  • Network infrastructure monitored.
  • Faults and outages identified as soon as they happen.
  • Security, anti-virus, anti-spam updates applied automatically, where possible out-of-hours.
  • Software updates and patches applied automatically and scheduled when they will cause least disruption.
  • Hardware and software assets audited.
  • On-site Server Support is provided as and when necessary if a problem cannot be fixed remotely.

Our 24×7 monitoring service can be combined with our other managed services depending on your specific needs.

Reliable Remote Monitoring

Reliance on IT makes optimal performance and maximum uptime of servers, a business priority. Server downtime could severely disrupt your organisation’s operation and the possibility of critical applications failing and causing costly disruption is a threat which every business needs to consider.

Our Remote Monitoring service minimises the risk of IT downtime by providing continuous monitoring of your Microsoft Windows Servers. We will detect early warning signs of potential problems, often before you realise you even have a problem, and combined with an IT Support contract, it will enable preventative action before users are impacted and productivity is reduced, resulting in the maximum possible uptime of your IT system.

Key Benefits

Early warning – Being able to identify potential faults and problems before they happen gives you a better chance to manage and eliminate the problem in a timely way, without it becoming a disaster.

Advanced warning – Sometimes there is no warning when things go wrong, and the first you get to hear about it is when you arrive in the office. Any advanced warning you get will give you more time to work on a resolution.

Prevention rather than cure – As well as notification of pending issues, we provide threat management and make sure all your computers are updated with the latest security patches and anti-virus and anti-spam updates. This will prevent a lot of issues, and offer you peace of mind.

A step towards compliance – A structured methodology around Event Management will get you closer to best practise and compliance.

Filtering out the noise – As part of our 24×7 monitoring service, we can work with you to identify your critical systems. We will configure our monitoring service to highlight these so we can notify on key events only.

Setup and configuration – We will install any software components needed and perform the initial configuration. We can then provide summary reports and dashboard access on your ICT inventory, performance or any of the our service features.

Remote Server Monitoring

Remote Server Monitoring is provided using a series of Monitoring tools to ensure that the performance and availability of the server are constantly monitored and any issues are normally corrected before you are aware that a problem is pending. At Innovate, our frontline experts armed with the latest monitoring tools and well-established Standard Operating Procedures for issue escalation and resolution when you need it.

In addition a comprehensive daily and monthly analysis would include items such as patching, antivirus and software updates; event-log diagnosis; usage reporting, performance bottleneck identification & capacity planning; and backup integrity checks.

Solutions and Features

  • Availability (application, database, operating system, Web server, network)
  • CPU utilisation
  • Memory utilisation
  • Disk space utilisation
  • Swap space utilisation
  • File system percentage used
  • Http availability

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