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Cloud Platform

Cloud9 – Agile & Powerful Cloud Platform

With high-performance and powerful techniques, we transform your IT infrastructure into a super-fast, fully scalable and highly-available hosted cloud environment. Whether you need a secure public cloud provider or are looking to achieve the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud platform, choosing the right cloud services is critical for your business, reducing costs while improving performance, flexibility and accessibility.

Our experience as industry leaders has allowed us to build a cloud platform that can support your most demanding uptime requirements. Total monitoring and maintenance of mission-critical cloud environments reduce the business risks. Scalability and expertise ensure an integrated, up-to-date and well-managed platform, so you can quickly adapt to growth. From high performance connectivity to data recovery in seconds, with Cloud9 we’ve got it covered.

Simplified and optimised cloud platform

Cloud9 is an application-focused cloud solution proven to reliably manage and provision desktop, web, and data centre infrastructure within a single unified cloud platform. This solution is an agile, flexible, efficient and open cloud management and provisioning platform that allows you to leverage existing virtualisation and hardware costs. It is a high-powered solution based on an open and flexible architecture that is designed to run every application at scale and with simplicity.

With Cloud9, you can achieve a new level of control, scalability and security that will help you unlock agility and competitiveness, and drive higher performance and growth.

Simple cloud management

Cloud9 allows for simple cloud management that enables you to quickly and efficiently build an enhanced and adaptable cloud to meet your exact demands. Cloud9 makes it easy to manage your entire cloud through a rich user interface and a scalable, centralised management server. Users can request resources through a, menu-driven web interface.

Cloud management is delivered as a consumption-based service to enterprises via a fully automated, self-service model. This provides utmost flexibility in composing the set of management tools that are appropriate for your needs.

Deliver every solution quickly and smoothly

Provision every application workload including traditional, cloud-native, and desktop, from the only cloud platform so you can address the requirements you need. By entirely removing the need for hardware you can leverage existing costs and choose virtualisation, storage and networking solutions

Cloud9 supports industry leading software, firmware and hardware, as well as bare metal servers, all from a single cloud, supporting block, file and object storage irregardless of storage technologies and protocols. Customers have complete freedom to choose the right infrastructure components for their applications and demands, allowing great flexibility.

Limitless scalability and solutions deployment

Cloud9’s platform allows data centre operators to quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure to offer on-demand, flexible cloud services. Cloud9 simplifies the implementation of clouds by delivering as data centres as simple-to-manage, highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Users can take full advantage of cloud services to achieve higher efficiency, limitless scale and faster deployment of products and services.

Solutions and Features

Backup as a Service

Keep your business data backed up and protected against Internet threats and man-made or natural disasters with Cloud9s backup solutions.

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Cloud Hosted Servers

Choose from a range of virtual servers that are built to order and have the flexibility to cater for your business – wether big or small.

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Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Ensure business continuity with DR as a Service, a cloud solution that is simple, cost-effective and tailored exclusively to your needs.

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Hosted Desktops

High-speed and reliable virtual desktops that empower you to keep all your computing requirements operating within our cloud.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Create a sharper and more dynamic IT infrastructure that can adapt to a growing business and ever-changing customer demands with Cloud9’s IaaS solutions.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Accelerate you business with our Hosted Software service running fully on a fast, highly-available and completely secure Cloud infrastructure.

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